Recent improvements on the EiffelWeb standalone server connector.

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Jocelyn Fiat

Jun 28, 2016, 5:13:01 AM6/28/16
to Eiffel Web Framework
Hi all,

The master branch of contains recent changes for the EiffelWeb standalone connectors:

- updated the concurrent implementation by using notion of passive regions from SCOOP.
- added advanced settings such as
        - max_concurrent_connections=100
        - keep_alive_timeout=15
        - max_tcp_clients=100
        - socket_timeout=300
        - max_keep_alive_requests=300
        - And now verbose is working as expected for EiffelWeb standalone connector.

Those changes are also part of v1, and as well part of EiffelStudio libraries.

And it was also a good opportunity to update our websocket solution, and get integrated it with EiffelWeb.
So now, there is a new connector named "standalone_websocket", that brings websocket support on top of current standalone connector.
This way, it is possible to handle standard http requests and also websocket within the same executable.
One very simple example is available at .

For now, this "websocket" addition is only in the "master" branch, and is likely to be included into v1 (and thus EiffelStudio). But for now, it is under testing period, and if needed, the interface will be adapted to reach real-case websocket usage. So you are free to play with it, and send us feedback.

-- Jocelyn for the EiffelWeb project.
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