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Aug 23, 2021, 7:47:07 AM8/23/21
to Eiffel Web Framework
In the Rialize application I am building, I have a Server app and a Client app.

The Server is listening on localhost:9090 and the Client is sending on the same.

Everything has been working for about 6 weeks with no problems. Suddenly it has stopped. I have tried twiddling with my Windows Defender rules, but nothing seems to be working. I can activate the server by just accessing it with Chrome by calling localhost:9090 in the address URL. So, I think that means the Server is able to get the messages on localhost. However, when the code in the Client app tries the same thing, it simply times out. I think this means that the Client is attempting to a connection with the host on 9090, but is failing.

Any thoughts?

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