Inkscape has a problem with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) with multiple displays

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David Phillip Oster

Feb 15, 2014, 8:12:31 PM2/15/14

if you open an .svg file with Inkscape it appears to not open, showing only on the Windows menu of XQuartz, the X11 server for OS X. 

This problem shows up if you have multiple displays. The document is opened, its just way off to the left, off-screen of all displays. You can’t fix this with Applescript: XQuartz doesn’t implement the standard scriptability verbs to get and set the position of windows. It also doesn’t implement the standard X11 window manager equivalents.

The problem’s cause is a conflict between a preference setting in Inkscape and a preference setting in Mavericks.

The out-of-the-box preference setting for Mavericks in System Preferences > Mission Control is

[x] Displays have separate Spaces

The out-of-the-box preference setting for Inkscape in its menu bar File > Inkscape Preferences > Windows is

(•) Save and restore window geometry for each document.

If you change the OS X preference (requires Logging out, and Logging back in), or you change the Inkscape preference to (•) Don’t save window Geometry (Which you can’t do unless you can get Inkscape to show you a window) the Inkscape performs as expected.

So, if you want Mavericks' new behavior with multiple displays on your Mac, then temporarily revert to the old way, change an Inkscape preference, then set Mavericks back to a menu bar on each screen.

Posting here because Eggbot and Watercolorbot both use Inkscape.

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