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Peter A

Jan 23, 2017, 8:59:59 PM1/23/17
After some feedback here's the latest naming scheme for the procedural interface.  


<data type>Matrix<structure>
<data type>MatrixSparse<structure>


<data type> is a single character
'D' for real double
'F' for real float
'Z' for complex double
'C' for complex float
'B' for binary
<structure> is the name the internal data structure.

Matrix Suffix Abreviation Description
RMaj RM dense row-major
RBlock RB dense block row-major
NxN FN dense fixed sized matrix of size N
N FN dense fixed sized vector of length N
CSC CC compressed sparse column
Triplet TR triplet


DMatrixRMaj double real dense row-major matrix
CMatrixRMaj float complex dense row-major matrix
ZMatrixSparseCSC double complex sparse CSC matrix

CommonOps_DDRM Operations on DMatrixRMaj
CommonOps_DSCC Operations on DMatrixSparseCSC

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