ejml 0.33 How to normalize a matrix and find its pivots?

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Stephen Kong

Mar 17, 2018, 6:09:03 PM3/17/18
to efficient-java-matrix-library-discuss
I just got ejml 0.33. But I am having problem doing even the most basic operations

1. How to normalize a matrix (ZMatrixRMaj or DMatrixRMaj) into a unit matrix?
2. How to find pivots of a matrix?
3. Any API's or code sample that helps calculating Fourier Fast Transformation (FFT)? 

Peter A

Mar 19, 2018, 8:56:55 AM3/19/18
to efficient-java-mat...@googlegroups.com
Hi Stephen,

1) Can you clarify what you mean by unit matrix? Unit matrix can have different definitions depending on the problem you're tackling. Do you mean A*inv(A) = I ?
2) The LUDecomposition interface provides access to the pivots in LU decomposition. Other interfaces specific to a decomposition provide their respective pivots. To create an LUDecomposition use the DecompositionFactory_DDRM.
3) No example code for FFT. If you know of a concise enough algorithm I'll add one!

Just updated the page on matrix decomposition. It now mentions how to access information like pivots.

- Peter

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