0.31-SNAPSHOT Full 32-bit support and major refactoring

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Peter A

Jan 8, 2017, 6:21:06 PM1/8/17
to efficient-java-mat...@googlegroups.com
The next release of EJML will include two major changes.  Support of 32-bit float matrices and a major refactoring.   The 32-bit code is created by auto-generating the code from 64-bit (double) code.  The lead to the first wave of refactoring that made auto generation much easier.  The second wave was brought about to make matrix data type and function names more consistent. 

 E.g. DenseMatrix64F -> RowMatrix_F64.  RowMatrix indicates that it's in a dense row-major format.  F64 says that it uses doubles.

As a result, the new release will not be backwards compatible.  Making this a good time for any API improvements.  Any suggestions?

I've also written a python script that should make porting your code over to 0.31 easier.  It's included with the source code. convert_to_ejml31.py

See the change log for a more detailed description of the new naming scheme

Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.

- Peter

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Peter A

Sep 5, 2017, 7:02:07 AM9/5/17
to efficient-java-mat...@googlegroups.com
Yep that would be a lot of work, but I'll keep it in the back of my mind. Maybe some simple way to automate the process is possible or someone will step forward to port all the code from row major to column major.

Out of curiosity, is transposing the matrix a significant bottle neck when you offload the heavy calculations to CPU?

- peter

On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 9:13 PM, Matías Roodschild <mrood...@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Peter,

I think EJML is row major, but if it could be column major, it would be simpler to implement Cuda or OpenCL. I know it's a big change, but it would be very useful.

Thank you!

and sorry if I'm late to respond.

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