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EEElinux GroupAdmin

Jul 14, 2010, 4:49:48 PM7/14/10
to eeelinux
Everybody seems to has a friend that recently been struck by a sudden
lack of common sense due to a large and dangerous reality distortion
field that may be alien technology.

First signs of trouble are an interest in shiny objects, even those
without purpose or which are totally broken.

Then, no logical arguments, facts, figures or proof will reach the
affected brain cell.

The only cause of action seems to be isolation and containment.

The infection lasts until their last disposal income went into that,
must have, extremely shiny latest i-object which then turns into a
shitty product from hell, broken by design, with not replaceable
batteries and looses it resell value in about 2 days.

As support for all the people that have to suffer sharing living space
with those brain dead shiny object zombies I would like to offer the
following YouTube video from a fellow victime..

The guy in question even lost he job at bestbuy ...

"send from my crackberry",
which is another good excuse to not use a spelling checker :--)
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