Bringing back the HONOUR CODE Certificates

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Jan 16, 2016, 6:17:34 AM1/16/16
to General Open edX discussion
First of all, I would request you to spare a few minutes and read though my
mail & bear with me.

It's disheartening to see that edX has stopped awarding the honor code certificates. It was a great motivation for us students and it'll have a negative impact on many.

I believe edX is a global learning community & students from every country
are welcome to participate in this but for many paying for certificates is
out of their capacities. Talking about developing countries like India,
₹3000-6000/- is the fees for an entire year computer education course,
which includes teaching from basics to various softwares like photoshop,
coreldraw, MS office etc. Now asking people of such countries to pay
₹3000-6000/- for a single online certificate of one topic, seems quite

Students from extremely weak financial backgrounds, who do not even own a computer and use the internet cafes once a month for taking up your courses, their incentive being the certificates
which they hope will help them in shaping their future.

Certificates are instant proof of some capabilities/accomplishment for interviewers, while presenting one’s
knowledge without the certificates might be very tough during a short
interview. Without the certificates, it'll be very demotivating for us as now
we can only acquire the knowledge but it won’t directly help us show how
much we love learning & an incentive is lost.

The prices of the certificates are in USD ($) which turn out to be hefty when
converted to other currencies (eg. INR ₹). Such hefty prices will take a
sizable amount out of the entire monthly salary of people (₹6000 is
approximately the monthly flat rent per person, in a metro city in India).

At least the prices of the certificates should be according to the country's
per-capita and real income so that there is less of affordability issue.

This is a genuine problem now and I earnestly request you bring back the
honor code certificates. This was one of the major differences between edX
and other websites like Udemy, Coursera etc.


I suggest and favour the use of paid advertisement on the edX website, as it
can help fulfil edX's monetary requirements for its growth and help bring
back the honor code certificates too. It's a win-win situation as everyone's
requirements get fulfilled and moderate advertisement will not harm anybody.

Another suggestion I would like to give is to take a certain sum of money as
a yearly subscription for certificates, i.e., for example $100/year and then
these subscribers can complete as many courses as they wish within that year
& get certificates for them while non-subscribers can learn without the

Believing in the social goals of this non-profit organisation, I think edX
would always like to motivate people from all over the globe to learn & thus
will come up with a solution to bring back the honor code certificates. I
would be extremely honored if any of my suggestion proves to be useful.

At last, I would once again request you re-continue the honor code
certificates. Because a majority of people like me from developing countries
will have to let go of these courses as it's impossible to pay such prices.

Thank you for your time.

Clinton Blackburn

Jan 16, 2016, 6:28:06 PM1/16/16
to General Open edX discussion
We are aware of the impact of the removal of honor code certificates. The entire company discussed these challenges. That's why, with the removal of honor code certificates, we started a financial assistance for verified certificates. You can learn more about this program at

In the future, please be aware of the fact that this mailing list is intended for discussion about OpenEdX software. If you have additional concerns or questions related to honor code certificates or financial aid, please refer to

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