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Rogue Hippo

Jun 16, 2020, 1:01:36 PM6/16/20
Hi Everybody, 

Who missed playing ultimate? I sure did, and not coincidentally I'm very excited that Alberta has moved into Stage 2 of the COVID relaunch. This stage allows for cohorts of up to 50 people to play/practice/hang out together, but limits individuals to participation in one (1) cohort throughout Stage 2. This is important to keep in mind if you are thinking about playing in EUPA or in another organized league like soccer.

Several competitive teams in the YEG area (Hippo, Flurry, Throwback, Fallout, Carbon) have committed to organizing a joint "YEG Ultimate Cohort" (much better name TBD; suggestions are welcome). Our intention is to bring up to 50 players from around the city together in this cohort to resume playing this beautiful sport we all love. Players of all skill levels are welcome, but be prepared to learn and to be challenged. We're looking for people who want to have fun, but who are also looking to use the rest of this lost covid summer to improve and compete. 

If you are interested, please fill out this survey. (note: if you have already filled out a similar survey from Flurry or another team expressing interest in this yeg combined cohort you don't need to fill this one out too). If you know someone who might be interested and hasn't gotten the email, feel free to forward it along.

While the exact format and details remain to be decided upon, there will be practices on Monday and Wednesday at Mt. Pleasant (courtesy of Flurry) and possibly Saturdays at Confederation (thank you Fallout), beginning next Monday, June 22nd (that's so close!!!). Monday/Wednesday practices are 7-9pm, Saturday info TBA. Activities will likely include a mix of scrimmaging, skills drills and general player development, with room for other activities like organized workouts and (if we're feeling extra spicy) a cups tournament or other such shenanigans. 

3x a week can be demanding, and we do not by any means expect perfect attendance. That said, this is the one organized thing you can sign up for this summer and a large group of people relies on having others to play with. Please be cognizant and respectful of that fact.

Yes, you really could be playing good(ish? I'm pretty out of shape...) ultimate with friends one week from today. I hope that thought makes you as smiley as it makes me!

Again, the limitations surrounding cohort size are important to avoid running afoul of AHS guidelines. If you sign up, as per those guidelines, this is your one permitted cohort for the entirety of Stage 2 of AB's relaunch. Additionally, our numbers are capped at 50, and it is possible (if unlikely) that some cuts may be required. The teams will compile a master list of interested players this week, gauge interest/numbers, and likely send out a final "confirmation" form over the weekend that will include a short liability waiver and confirmation that everybody understands the cohort limitations and promises to abide by them. 

We will also try to return to play in the safest and most responsible way that we can. This will likely include enhanced cleaning measures (sanitizing discs periodically, etc) and possibly some small rule modifications (nothing too extreme; minor things like having the mark take a step back). There will also be a small fee (probably $20) to cover field bookings and stuff like hand sanitizer.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/concerns/questions let us know. I absolutely cannot wait to see you on the fields. 

tiny Hippo Dirgo
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