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Edith Cook

Jul 30, 2020, 1:39:52 PM7/30/20
to edith-cook

Dear Friends and Readers,

In my column-writing days I sent you a weekly update. These days it’s more like a month or six weeks between messages. Let me assure you, I continue to be well, just working away on my manuscript and taking care of house and garden.

Two things of note happened this month. First, my eldest grandchild graduated from Ft. Benning, GA, in infantry training, earning an award for Soldier of the Cycle. He is now in Airborne school but will return home in time to resume his college studies.

The second is, my Texans’ visited for what normally would be Frontier Days week. Their daughter graduated high school earlier this year and is preparing for college. Before that happens, my firstborn et al wanted to undertake one more family outing. They were vigilant with face masks, social distancing, etc, and did not introduce the virus to my house or the neighbors who visited. 

Now for a bit of comic relief. The clip below is three minutes of Brad Pitt on Saturday Night Live as Dr. Fauci. BTW, Fauci baseball cards are selling like hotcakes.

Also, a clip of the infectious-disease expert himself, from The Hill.

Interested in news on the virus and our political situation as expressed in national journals? Some articles I find relevant are posted on my Facebook page, 

My website (below) has info on books I’ve read and recommend, music I’ve played or are practicing, family matters, creative efforts, etc.

Be well—and please continue to socialize with care.

Edith Cook

Sally Sanchez

Jul 30, 2020, 3:14:16 PM7/30/20
Hi Edith, good to hear you are busy with a manuscript.  I have thought about my own but this is my busy time of the year with the vineyard and the non-existent Event center.  COVID has depressed me terribly and then it doesn't help to get on Facebook, which I need to for my businesses, when the politics are so encompassing every breathing part.  My family is anti-Democrat. 

I love Wyoming but ... And if there are no changes I may need to sell out. 

Election candidates are becoming exciting though.  We do have write-ins so keep eyes open.  Once we get their feet in the door I will be pushing hard for them. 

So you can see I am busy and I need to get my head on straight.  One book I need to read is Mary Trump's.  I think it would help me with my autobiography.  Trump family is as dysfunctional as mine.  Sad to say, I hate looking at Trump, hearing his voice because he reminds me of my father.  His mannerisms follow his eyes and creeps me out just like my dad's was.  How the heck did I even love my dad and hate him as much as Trump? 

Anyway, stay healthy.

Be Seeing Ya,

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