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Dorlies VK Meissner Rasmussen

Mar 24, 2020, 5:41:37 PM3/24/20
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Edith think about this with our emails, and Twitts you send out, are your part of the problem in passing propaganda in our new country?

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> Things that make you go, hmmmm

> Do the research...



> Bill Gates & Barack Obama released a docuseries on Netflix called

> PANDEMIC in January right before the Wuhan virus was "discovered."


> The docuseries pushed the need for the Gates Foundation to receive

> funding to carry on virus research to prevent the next PANDEMIC!


> Bill Gates-funded the Wuhan lab in China that released the Wuhan

> virus. Bill Gates' was a member of China's Academy of Sciences who

> built the lab and he was awarded their highest honor.


> The Wuhan virus was originally developed at the University of North

> Carolina by NIH grants approved by the Obama administration in 2012.


> The NIH defunded the UNC research in 2016 so the Communist Chinese

> scientists left UNC and took their work to the NEWLY BUILT Wuhan lab

> in 2017 - funded by Gates & pals.


> The head of the Harvard Chemistry department, with ties to Gates &

> Epstein, was arrested for accepting bribes from the Communists. Did

> Epstein know what was coming?


> The Pirbright Institute, funded by Bill Gates, owns the "patent" on

> the Coronavirus genetic sequencing. They did simulation testing on a

> global PANDEMIC in 2018.


> Bill Gates & Barack Obama docuseries marketed the need for a global

> "universal" vaccine to replace all other flu vaccines. I believe it

> will be designed to deliver a human chip via nanotechnology.


> 12,469 people in the US died of H1N1 flu (from Mexico) under Obama in

> 2009, many of them children, because he waited 6 months to do anything

> & never closed the border.


> The media said nothing about fatalities from H1N1 but is creating a

> huge panic around the 20 US deaths from the Wuhan virus to destroy the

> US economy before the election.


> Over 36,000 people in the US have died from the common flu this year

> and the media says NOTHING about that - but is creating a huge panic

> around the 20 US deaths from the Wuhan virus.


> 18 out of the 20 total US deaths from the Wuhan virus have come from a

> nursing home in Kirkland, Washington - the home area of Bill Gates.


> Half the staff at that nursing home have been infected with Wuhan

> virus. They appear to be the carriers. The nursing home draws

> employees from a large Chinese population across the border in Canada.

> I believe Gates is placing carriers in vulnerable locations for the

> narrative and funding.


> Right after the first deaths were reported in Bill Gates home area,

> the Governor declared a national emergency & Congress approved over $8

> billion - even though Trump asked for only a quarter of that. Much of

> the funding will flow to Gates' global partners.


> Suddenly Bill Gates says his "foundation" will offer in-home testing

> kits where you swab your nose with a Q-Tip and send it to his labs.

> How convenient!


> 19 out of the 21 who tested positive on the Princess Cruise ship were

> CREW MEMBERS. Meaning the crews are carriers and are infecting

> passengers. Who put them there?


> The virus started in South Korea because the leaders of a "doomsday"

> cult went to Wuhan, China and went back and infected 8,000 of their

> members. Who paid them to do that?


> Iran's leaders suddenly became infected after Iran's foreign leader

> met with John Kerry in Munich and laughed about the virus on camera.

> Almost like he was told to go home and create panic.


> All those videos out of Communist China of them disinfecting the

> streets, people dying on the streets and thrashing bodies - were all

> fake and sent out by Communist propagandists.


> Real videos show Hong Kong freedom fighters being rounded up in

> handcuffs and sent off to the "hospital" where it's likely their

> organs are harvested and they are cremated.


> Real videos show elderly people in Communist China trapped in

> buildings and left to die with no food.


> Real videos show that Communist China installed major NEW surveillance

> cameras and technology to monitor people on the street & in their

> offices since the virus was released.


> Real videos show the Chinese people yelling "IT'S ALL FAKE" from high

> rises as the Communists pretend to care for them on the streets below.


> They are now forced to use an app which tells them when they can come

> and go and tracks their every move. How did the Communists suddenly

> develop this technology in a month? This was part of the plan.


> After Trump closed travel from Communist China in January, the Chinese

> blamed the US and threatened to hold back our pharmaceuticals unless

> we opened travel back up again. They didn't expect him to do that -

> that thwarted their plans to seed the US with more cases.


> I believe the virus is no more dangerous than the common cold - but

> has been engineered to be highly infectious and impact the elderly &

> sick. Thankfully, it is NOT affecting children & young adults like

> pandemic flu does.


> I believe the virus was unleashed by the Communist Party to scare

> people back into their homes and stop the Hong Kong & Taiwanese

> pro-freedom protests.


> I believe the virus was unleashed by the Communists to crash the US

> economy & drive people away from Trump rallies.


> I believe the virus was unleashed to help the Communists assert global

> control and to cull the elderly and weak.


> ALL respiratory viral outbreaks peak in March and end in April. I

> believe this one too.


> The SARS Coronavirus panic dropped the market 20% in March 2003, under

> Bush, and it came roaring back even higher by July. In other words,

> they've done this before to a Republican administration before an

> election.


> Now the fake news is trying to distance Wuhan from the virus -- and so

> is Communist China. That means we're right over the target.


> Every single one of my statements has been reported by numerous

> sources. This is not a conspiracy. This is real.




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Alan Hart

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