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Jul 29, 2010, 12:48:29 PM7/29/10
to eCSStender Mailing List

eCSStender is a great library - thank-you!

There is only one major stumbling block that I have - and it is with
dynamically loaded content and extensions using custom CSS properties.

It seems that in order for eCSStender to work, all extensions need to
be registered before the load occurs.

For instance, if I load my own custom extension JavaScript after my
page has loaded, the register seems to have had no effect, but if I
load it as part of the HEAD tag of the HTML, then it works.

In addition, if I dynamically and asynchronously load more DOM content
into an element - e.g. through say jQuery, and some of the elements in
that have a custom CSS __property__ that should trigger the extension,
the extension does not know about the newly loaded content.

(a) Can you please provide a way to tell eCSStender to initialize
itself with the (dynamically loaded) contents of a given DOM element,
so that all currently registered extensions will work on the newly
loaded DOM elements

(b) Can you please provide a way to tell eCSStender to reinitialize
itself on the entire document?

(c) Can you please provide a way to allow extensions to be registered
after the document load has occurred, so that they will work on the
entire document?

Either way, can you please let me know if this will or will not occur,
and if at all possible a rough estimate as to when the it might be

Thank-you very much!!!

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