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Steve Goddard

Apr 21, 2023, 5:28:59 PM4/21/23
to ecrts-industrial-challenge
Dear Arm Challenge Coordinators,

One of the challenge problems is to create dag/task set dependencies, but there seems to be a significant portion of application software missing for this analysis to be completed.

The only software provided is ov2slam and two head pose packages. Ov2slam tries to localize the car in the environment and track its path, and the head-pose package gives the viewpoint of the driver for projection of objects in the field-of-view. 
Moreover, the ov2slam runs in ROS (and not ROS 2). Is that what is expected to be analyzed? 

I was expecting application software that more closely matches the challenge described. Localizing, identifying objects, and augmenting those annotations within the FOV with acceptable latency is a real challenge, but most of that processing is not included in the software packages they provided.

Is a more enhanced application stack (set of applications) coming?

Steve Goddard

Matteo Andreozzi

May 5, 2023, 7:13:57 AM5/5/23
to Steve Goddard, ecrts-industrial-challenge

Hello Steve,

This is Matteo from Arm, thanks for your enquiry.


We are working on releasing more application-level data and reference software packages: we’ll aim to have it already by ECRTS 23 or even before then if possible. One of our colleagues has also been experimenting with a ROS-less ov2slam version which we need to evaluate and eventually provide as alternative.


As with all the industrial challenges before ours, we value your feedback and the feedback of the whole community and we thank you for your questions and suggestions, and most of all for having accepted our challenge .


We’ll keep you informed on our progress.




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