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Aug 30, 2021, 7:36:36 AM8/30/21
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You should consider how much fuel your vehicle uses. If your vehicle has the wrong fuel consumption, it is more likely to consume excessive fuel. This can lead to an increase in gas prices, and other problems. EcoTune can help reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption, regardless of whether it consumes too much or not.


What is EcoTune?

EcoTune, a revolutionary ECO OBD2 fuel saving plug that reduces vehicle fuel use, is a compact and innovative product. Manufactured after years of research and development, it comes as an intelligent and environment-friendly, fuel-saving device. It improves the fuel system and helps you to save money on gasoline.


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How Does EcoTune work?  

Ecotune, a small device that reduces car fuel consumption and fuel consumption, is available. This device can be plugged into the slots in your engine. As you probably know, every car has an electronic control unit. This optimizes the car’s speed and performance. Ecotune connects to the ECU and gathers all data for the next 150 miles.

After your device has been connected to the ECU, it will turn on the car to reduce fuel consumption. This gadget is able to accomplish its tasks quickly and eliminate inefficiencies through improving the car's fuel economy.


The Best EcoTune Device? 

EcoTune, as we have already stated, is a device that reduces the fuel consumption of cars. This device basically turns off the ECU. This simple but powerful device can help save you a lot of money.

These are the benefits of EcoTune

Fuel costs will be lower

EcoTune will increase the fuel efficiency of your car’s ECU

Eco-friendly can also be a way to consume less fuel

It is very easy to use

It is compatible with almost every car and model made after 1995.

It is extremely compact

Reduce your fuel consumption by 35%

This is just the beginning of the many benefits this device offers. It might be a little confusing to install the device. EcoTune comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you understand how the device works and how to install it.


How to Use and Calibrate EcoTune

Even if you don't have much experience with technology or cars, calibrating EcoTune can be done easily.

Here's how it works.

Step 1

Turn off the engine and take the keys out of the ignition.

Step 2

Locate the OBDII port in your vehicle. Each vehicle manufactured after 1996 should have an OBDII connector that is easily accessible from the driver's side. This port can be found on most vehicles either the upper left or the lower right side of your steering wheel. To access the port, you may have to EcoTune take off a cover. The OBDII port can also be found in other vehicles. It is usually located behind the dashboard, in front of the steering wheel or around the glovebox. You can search online for your OBDII port if you don't know where it is.

Step 3

Take EcoTune out of its packaging and connect it to your OBDII port.

Step 4

Place the key in your ignition, and then turn the key to Stage 1.

Step 5

Hold the reset button on EcoTun edown for five seconds. Then release the button and wait another 30-60 seconds.

Step 6

Drive 150 miles in your normal driving style, then start your car. You don't have to drive the entire distance in one go. You can leave EcoTune plugged into your car and then continue to drive as normal over the next few days.

EcoTune will monitor the performance of your vehicle for 150 miles and then adjust your vehicle's power to increase fuel efficiency. There are no downsides to the chip: you can only improve your vehicle's performance instead of weakening it.

EcoTune may not cause any noticeable changes in your vehicle. The most significant changes to your vehicle's power draw are due to EcoTune . EcoTune may not be noticeable if you aren't driving your car at full power or racing it daily. If you keep track of your gas consumption over time you may notice a decrease in gas consumption even if there are no changes to the performance of your vehicle.


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EcoTune Benefits

EcoTune can make driving more enjoyable for everyone. These are just a few of the many benefits that EcoTune can bring to your car's engine.

It increases your car's fuel economy

EcoTune can also be installed on the OBDII port to increase your car's efficiency by between 15% and 35%.

This will save you lots of money on gas

Owners who use less gasoline will save money on daily fuel costs.

It allows you do your part to combat climate change

EcoTune reduces gas consumption and is therefore an environmentally-friendly choice.

Installation is simple

EcoTune is easy to install in your car. Even for those with little experience, it is simple to install.

It can be used in conjunction with any vehicle

An EcoTune device can be easily installed in any vehicle.

How to Install EcoTune OBD2 in Your Car

EcoTune is easy to install in any vehicle with just a few steps. No matter what level of experience you have, EcoTune can be installed in any vehicle. Here are the steps required to install it.

Step 1Turn off the engine. Turn off the ignition.

Step 2EcoTune can plug the OBDII port. The OBDII port is located usually below the left or right side of the car's steering column. Usually, it is covered by a cover. On other vehicles, the OBDII port may be located in the glove box, behind the dashboard or next to the left steer.

Step 3Turn the key to the second stage and then put it back in. Do not turn on the car.

Step 4EcoTune includes a reset button. It must be pressed for five seconds.

Step 5:Wait another 30-60 seconds after releasing your hand.

Step 6Start the car.

Now the car is ready for action. EcoTune will monitor your car's performance for the next 150 miles, and make any adjustments necessary to increase fuel efficiency.

The EcoTune device only benefits the car and its owner. You can be assured that there will not be any negative effects after installation.



How to Buy EcoTune Pricing

You can purchase EcoTune from their official website. EcoTune is priced at $39.98 per unit, with discounts available when ordering multiple units. Here is how the pricing works when you order:

  • 1 Chip: $39.98 + shipping
  • 2 Chips $59.97 + Free shipping
  • 3 Chips $79.96 + Free shipping

Customer Reviews

As you can see, the product received incredible reviews and feedback. This product was great and could be used by almost anyone, even those who travel often. EcoTune is eco-friendly and has helped many people.


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