retain or persist view state.

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kg pai

Mar 4, 2014, 11:59:53 AM3/4/14
I use savestate method to persist view when closed. Ie init (site,memento).the view is restored when I call user defined method from create part control. Which access the memento and restore the tree view. Now I close and reopen the view, again the view is restored to the state it was previously closed. I don't want this othis happen. Once the view is restored and then for subsequent close and open it should not restore from memento. The problem is whenever the init method is called the memento is always there and it always tries to restore from memento.the view must be restored only once.I don't want to use static variable or session variable to remember whether it has restored. Once view is restored on further close and reopen of view it should go for default implementation.
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