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Kannan Rajah

Dec 20, 2014, 7:13:53 PM12/20/14
I was testing out the debugger today and noticed that whenever I try to do any operation from the debug variable window (bottom right), it prompts for the workspace to use. This is because I have 2 active workspaces (eclimd instances). When a debugging session is started, we can determine the eclim workspace by looking at the project information of the currently opened file. What is a good way to carry over this information? Should we set some variable in the debug status window so that it doesn't prompt?

Eric Van Dewoestine

Jan 3, 2015, 12:01:44 AM1/3/15
Setting the buffer variable b:eclim_project to the current project
name prevents the workspace prompt. I've updated[1] the code to set
those vars when those debug windows are created.

While testing this, I also ran into a new issue. When starting a debug
session, a couple seemingly random 'e' characters were being inserted
into the current file (actually they were replacing what ever char was
under the cursor at the time, but in my case they were added in the
leading whitespace area of lines). I tracked this down to the:
| redraw!
portion of the remote calls being sent from eclimd to vim. 'redraw!'
was being interpreted as normal mode keystrokes instead of as a
command. Since I don't remember running into this before, I'm guessing
a recent version of vim perhaps changed how the chaining of commands
works from remote calls. I've updated[2] the code to force the redraw
to be executed as a command, but I'm hoping you (or anyone else
monitoring this thread) can test out my change to make sure it still
works correctly for you.



Kannan Rajah

Jan 3, 2015, 6:30:39 PM1/3/15
Thanks. It works fine.

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