Database errors when inserting after 12 hours

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Apr 21, 2009, 10:50:37 AM4/21/09
to ECHI Converter
I am having an issue where after running the converter for 12 hours I
am getting a MySQL error in the log file. The error is MySQL has gone

I am running both MySQL and ECHI-Converter on the same server (CentOS
V5) and if I connect to the database the server is there.

Reading on the net about this I have found that there is a wait
timeout value that I have now set to the maximum, but, I am concerned
all I have done is extend the time that it will take for the error to
occur. Is there a way to get the converter to reconnect automatically
(or is that automagically :) ) so that this will not occur. There
seems to be an issue with systems that persist their connections.

I have found that even though the database writes fail the downloaded
file is moved to the processed directory, so I have to manually find
the files that did not insert and move them back to the to_process

I am running V1.4.2 of the converter. The database version is 5.0.45
and the storage format is InnoDB.

Any help is appreciated.



Apr 23, 2009, 9:01:30 PM4/23/09
to ECHI Converter
I can take a look at this, given that AR has lots of new stuff since
ECHI-Converter was first written, to see if I may make this more
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