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Joseph Kopena

Apr 1, 2011, 8:21:49 AM4/1/11
to eccc-announce

Unfortunately, this whole snowfall & TT business does not seem to have
been an elaborate April Fool's joke as I hoped/feared.

I'd like to point out that in some sense this has happened on one of
the best possible weekends. I think many teams would have crumpled,
but Zach LaBry and the MIT team have actually pulled out what should
be a great day of racing. Notably, we're extremely confident of the
races happening as now planned, despite the conditions, in part from a
strong commitment from the township to clear the roads overnight.

[ Schedule ]

Again, the new Saturday schedule:

USAC Open TTT --- Starting at 9:15
Collegiate TTT --- Immediately following the Open TTT
Collegiate ITT --- Starting at 1pm

Both collegiate TTs will be run in our usual streaming to-follow
fashion and category order. Note that there will almost undoubtedly
be extremely few open TTT squads, so Men's D racers should essentially
plan on racing at 9:15!

If there are any necessary changes, i.e., additional time to clear the
roads, we will keep everybody posted. Pay attention to the PA and
signage near the start line.

Sunday's schedule is unaffected and will run as in the flyer.

[ Travel ]

We believe the storm will be manageable to travel in. However, please
use your best judgement!!! Particularly with vans, trailers, etc.,
this is not a good time to push your boundaries. As much as we would
like to see everyone racing this weekend, if you're not comfortable
traveling then we will see you at Yale the week after.

[ Tufts Crit ]

Sunday features the triumphant return of the classic Tufts crit! The
weather actually looks really good for Sunday, so be prepared for
great racing on a legendary course.

Remember that there is a full slate of non-collegiate categories at
the end of the day. Everybody looking for upgrade experience, sweet
cash prizes, or just more miles on the Tufts campus should be doing
these races! We've been turning away a ton of premature Men's C->B
upgrade requests, and will continue to show no mercy if we don't see
people doubling up when possible. Definitely remind all your friends
and non-collegiate teammates to show up for this, as the Tufts course
is truly one of the hardest and best crit courses around.

[ Warming Up ]

As always, there is no warming up on course, and we will be
particularly vigilant about this on the Tufts course given its highly
technical nature. Riders found to be warming up on course will be
DISQUALIFIED from their race, without question or warning. Every
racer, no matter how small the field, deserves the respect of having
the entire course to themselves, and certainly a tough course like
Tufts is not a safe place to have other riders interfering.

However, racers should definitely ride the course before their race.
We encourage *everyone* to get on your bike before the D races begin
and do a few laps. Unless we fall very behind on time, we will also
strive to allow every field to do a lap or two before staging.

Registration for tomorrow actually looks surprisingly solid given the
conditions, so we'll see everybody out there!


- joe kopena
expects everyone to htfu

Joseph Kopena

Apr 1, 2011, 8:53:32 AM4/1/11
to eccc-announce
Another note about warming up on course at Tufts.

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From: Evan Cooper <>
Date: Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 8:39 AM
Subject: Re: [eccc] Important Beanpot Notes

I just want to reiterate what Joe said about NOT WARMING UP ON THE
COURSE. I know that I am guilty of doing this myself more than once,
but the Tufts crit is tight and technical, and it is likely that there
will rather quickly be no semblance of a field, with riders scattered
all over the course.

If you are intent on getting in a good warm-up and don't want to ride
your trainer, just as one of us from Tufts and we will be more than
happy to point you in the direction of a nice loop around the local
reservoir, which you can do fast laps around for as long as you
like. That's where I'll be warming up.

See you in the snow.

Tufts Cycling Team

- joe kopena
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