ECCC Cyclocross starts in less than two weeks!

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William Palm

Oct 12, 2010, 6:30:00 PM10/12/10
The ECCC season starts in less than two weeks at Cornell's RedCross 2.0 on Saturday, October 23rd.  Sign up now!  The entry fees are cheap, and the race provides a great opportunity to get a jump on the competition.  The remainder of the schedule is posted on the calendar page of the ECCC website:

Before the season starts, I'd like to highlight a few rules and procedural issues.  For the most part, we'll be doing things just like last year.

Race Categories (same as last year)
There will be three men's categories (A, B, C) and two women's categories (A, B).  More detail below under Scoring.

Licenses (same as last year)
Unlike road and mountain bike, ECCC cyclocross races are often run concurrently with non-collegiate USA Cycling events.  Riders race according to their numerical USAC cyclocross category and then we filter the collegiate results out afterward.  Because of this, all riders must have a valid USAC road or mountain license (annual or one-day) to compete.  Collegiate-only licenses are generally insufficient, unless you get an uninformed or particularly kindly registration official when you pick up your race number.  Please plan accordingly.  We realize that it's sub-optimal to have to buy an extra license.  In the future, when everyone realizes that CX is awesome, we can run a season of collegiate-only ECCC CX races.  So get your teammates out this year to potentially save yourself $30 in the semi-distant future!

Licenses for A riders
(same as last year)
Several ECCC events (Beacon, Highland Park, Cyclesmart, and NBX) are UCI-sanctioned races, which means that Men's A and Women's A riders must have a valid UCI license (annual or one-day) to compete in these.  Other categories DO NOT need a UCI license, and non-UCI races do not require a UCI license for the A categories.

New Equipment Restrictions for A riders at UCI races (new this year)
Recall that the UCI elected this summer to restrict tire width to 33mm or less, and tires may not have studs.  This ONLY affects UCI-sanctioned races, i.e. the A fields at Beacon, Highland Park, Cyclesmart, and NBX.

Race Numbers (same as last year)
Unlike road and mountain bike, you generally get a new number every race.  After your race is over, please throw it away or pin it on your wall or whatever.  DO NOT race in it the next day, unless you are certain that the race assigned identical numbers for both days of a weekend.  This generally is not the case, and will likely result in you not being scored.

Team Kits (same as last year)
Per Rule 7I3 of the 2010 USA Cycling rulebook, collegiate racers may only wear shorts (a) of their Team or (b) shorts that are effectively blank.  No mixing and matching your USAC team shorts and collegiate jersey, or vice-versa.  Failure to comply will result in not being scored (by me), and possibly a $20 fine if an official sees you and takes umbrage at your insouciance.

Correct Team Name (same as last year)
Riders must register with their collegiate team name and ONLY their collegiate team name (unless the collegiate team has an officially recognized title sponsor, such as MIT Cycling/FXDD).  The best, most reliable way to ensure that is to pre-register.  If riders must register day of, they should be sure to check the printed results before leaving to make sure their team name is properly listed.  If it is not, they must ask for corrections immediately as it will not be possible to correct the results afterward.

(same as last year, different from years before that)
Like last year, the events on this year's calendar vary slightly in terms of numerical categorization.  For example, the Men's "B" race at Beacon is open to Category 2, 3, and 4 riders, whereas the "B" race at Northampton is open to Cat 3 only.  This may force some riders to shift collegiate letter categories to abide by their USAC numerical categories.  To enable this, we will allow riders to move freely between collegiate categories (up or down in the same season), so long as they abide by their USAC numerical category.

Thus, a Cat 4 rider may choose to race the "B" race at Beacon but do the "C" race at Northampton.  Likewise, a Cat 3 might do the "B" race at Northampton but the "A" race at Staten Island.  Riders should choose the category in which they feel they will have a fun and competitive experience (i.e. don't sandbag or race way over your head).  Riders will score team points and individual season omnium points in whatever category they race that day (if a rider enters two races, only the faster category will be counted.  He or she will be treated as if non-existent in the lower category race - no points, no displacing of points).  Points will be assigned according to Section 7K3 of the 2010 USA Cycling Rulebook.

Note that the first race of the season, RedCross, has only 2 Men's and 1 Women's category.  These will be considered Men's A and B and Women's A races and earn points as such.  Note also that master's categories do not earn collegiate points, for those of us who happen to have that unfortunate option available to us . . .

Split Weekend (same as last year)
Halloween weekend will be a split, with Beacon and Highland Park in New Jersey and two joint ACCC/ECCC races in Morgantown, WV.  Each race scores full team and individual points (maybe we should call it a Double Weekend).  Note, however, that a team may only score points in either the NJ or the WV races - no splitting your squad to try to double your tally.  Hopefully you like your teammates well enough to want to race with them . . .

Nationals Eligibility (slight change this year)
Per section 7L9b of the 2010 USAC rulebook, riders must now participate in at least one conference cyclocross race in order to qualify for nationals. As in years past, riders must also be cyclocross Cat 3 or higher to race at nationals.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  Feel free to contact Jake Sisson or myself with questions.  Thanks in advance to Steve Hopengarten for manning the website and helping out with scoring.

Thanks for your attention, and I'll see you at the races.

Bill Palm
Co-Coordinator, 2010 ECCC Cyclocross
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