OAeBU Data Trust | July-September 2020 Update

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Christina Drummond

Oct 8, 2020, 11:33:28 AM10/8/20
to Announcements about "Developing a Data Trust for Open Access Ebook Usage"

On behalf of the Exploring Open Access eBook Usage (OAeBU) leadership team, it is my pleasure to share with you the following highlights from the previous quarter. Our project has been making incredible progress in understanding the potential data, use cases, and principles to guide a potential OA book usage data trust. Should you have any questions or seek additional information on the below items, please don’t hesitate to reply to myself or project PI Kevin Hawkins.  

- Christina Drummond, OAeBU Data Trust Program Officer

Understanding Stakeholder Needs

Groups of university press and publishing platform and service stakeholders have been exploring and documenting how such organizations generally interact with OA monograph usage data. Use case documentation efforts within these communities are identifying the staff who rely on such data, and both current and potential activities that could leverage such usage data. Soon, other OAeBU project communities will work with the project’s program officer to start their own exploration and documentation processes.  

Specific technical conversations have begun with six organizational partners for the pilot, selected by the project’s Advisory Board and leadership team based on their diverse OA monograph data, environments, and geographic diversity. 

  • Onboarding meetings with each organization preceded current efforts on data sharing agreements and ingest workflows. Legal review of data sharing terms for this pilot research project is underway, albeit taking a bit longer than planned due to legal team response times. Partners will be publicly announced in the coming quarter once all partners have signed and returned data sharing agreements with this research project. 

  • Data to be shared with the pilot data trust are being described by partners, which will inform a data glossary of the types of data that could potentially be aggregated within the post-pilot data trust. 

Technical Developments 

  • Conversations in this project’s Technical Standards and Norms working group have informed the project’s directions on book identifiers and ONIX version 3.0 use.

  • A draft technical roadmap for data ingest has been developed and shared with the project’s Technical Advisory Group for review. As a part of this review, the TAG is considering leveraging existing open source COKI data architecture, including the Academic Observatory Telescopes designed in the COKI project to ingest publicly available datasets. 

Operations, Policy, and Sustainability Modeling

  • OA book usage data supply chain mapping

    • Michael Clarke and Laura Ricci from the firm Clarke & Esposito developed draft visualizations of the OA ebook distribution supply chain and usage data supply chain, as a part of their contract to document key stakeholders, intermediaries, and metadata standards involved in OA ebook usage data. This work was based on their literature review and completion of 27 interviews with 33 people. A draft version of the report will be circulated for comment in the coming weeks. 

  • Sustainability and budgetary modeling 

    • Fiona Murphy, Josh Brown, Phill Jones, and Alice Meadows from Murphy Mitchell Consultancy created a draft Business Model Canvas framework for the project, summarizing initial value proposition findings by key stakeholder segments based on seven interviews. Their findings and an initial budget framework tool were reviewed at a high level by the project’s Advisory Board and will be further refined once data trust use-cases are better understood for each stakeholder segment. 

  • Principle and value frameworks relevant to the data trust’s data stewardship and ethical operations are being identified by the policy working group, in preparation for discussions once a data glossary emerges from the sample data provided by partner organizations. 

Growing our Community

Project outreach and presentations continue to provide a way to raise awareness about the open call to participate in our community groups throughout the project.  

  • Upcoming presentations will be occurring at:
    • The 7:AM Online 2020 Conference (21 Oct), 
    • TOME Advisory Committee (22 Oct),
    • the Charleston Library Conference (6 Nov), and
    • OASPA webinar (23 Nov).
  • We await word on the status of a proposed talk for the Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum (26-27 Oct).

  • In the past quarter, project presentations were given to potential dashboard partner organizations while project staff represented the project at online forums such as the recent ALPSP, OPERAS, and OASPA conferences. 

  • Project staff continue to participate in allied effort conversations such as the Crossref Focus Group on Books on Multiple Platforms, the Invest in Open Initiative, HIRMEOS, and the Open Access Book Community slack channel.

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