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Kirk Rensmeyer

Jul 4, 2021, 3:37:33 PMJul 4
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FYI HB 2021 on it's way to Governor's desk for signing!

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Subject: 350 Corvallis Success for Oregon HB2021

Afternoon all,

Our local legislators Senator Gelser and Representative Rayfield both
voted in support of HB2021, which was voted on yesterday in the House
and today in the Senate, and which I believe is headed to Governor
Brown's desk for signature.

This requires utilities selling electricity in Oregon to reduce
associated carbon emissions by 80% by 2030 and by 100% by 2040.

To me HB2021 is a huge step forward, and I emailed and thanked them
both for their votes. Perhaps you might join me in thanking them.


Cutting emissions in transportation will be much, much, harder, of course.


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