How Can Collaborators see the other tracks to record with? Not just accompaniment track?

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Carlie Mills

Sep 27, 2021, 2:05:42 AM9/27/21
to EasyVirtualChoir

Does anyone know - 
How or where to change settings so that my collaborators can see and hear each others recordings/video as they add their parts??

I set up a project for my Senior Vocal Group- 
- Uploaded the audio accompaniment track
-Forwarded to the first person to add their part
-2nd person onwards could still only record with just the audio accompaniment - as oppposed to seeing/hearing the parts added prior tothem

The note they see when trying to select which tracks they record with is this:

How can this be over-ridden?  and can it?

I''ve tried edit mode.

Do I need a subscription to make this feature possible??

I can see all parts when i open the project- and can manipulate which tracks can record with....

Is this because I initiated the project?

Any tips welcome- as I chose this software over acapella App - thinking the girls would get to enjoy the collaborative part adding- Hearing the other parts as the track is built..

Many Thanks!!

Allan Jiang

Oct 22, 2021, 10:18:41 PM10/22/21
to EasyVirtualChoir
It sounds like you turned "hide peer tracks" on when you created the song! 

To turn it off, go to your song page and visit "Edit Details". Then, you can turn off "hide peer tracks" and save the changes.
Your ensemble members will now be able to see everyone else's part.
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