Audio lag with regular headphones

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Marc S

Sep 1, 2021, 6:25:42 AM9/1/21
to EasyVirtualChoir

I've been using EVC with an online choir now for a couple weeks and even though we've told everyone to only use wired headphones rather than bluetooth, it seems like with the majority of people, recording still has a bit of lag. We've made sure our audio ins and outs are correct but it still seems to do this for most people. Any possible reason why?

Also just wanted to mention that the track realignment function is quite confusing to use. We've watched the youtube tutorial video but it seems like the issue is that the way the two track waveforms line up visually is not the same as how the actual track offset preview is being played back. So it takes a lot of blindly messing around to properly figure out the correct track offset amount. If there was an easier way to realign with the visual waveforms then it would be perfect!

EVC is really great and there isn't anything else like this around atm, so it's been a big help. Just need these two things to be fixed and it would be even better!

Allan Jiang

Sep 8, 2021, 4:44:58 PM9/8/21
to EasyVirtualChoir
Sometimes the alignment may still be slightly off depending on internet connection.

When using the realignment function, pay attention to the little black vertical bar. That's the audio position.
You want to make sure that the black bar is touching the beginning of the first note on the reference and alignment tracks. That way, they will start at the same time when you press play.

Using the up/down arrows can make it easier to adjust the black bar's position, rather than typing a new number in each time.

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