Easyshop ported to Plone 4.0

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Aug 23, 2010, 10:38:05 AM8/23/10
to easyshop
Dear Easyshoppers,

I am glad to report a nearly successful port of Easyshop to Plone 4.0
has been achieved. You can see a screenshot here:


The port is available on the Plone_v4.0 branch in the GIT repo and
works on Plones from v3.3 up to v4.0.

There are three problems that I know of:

1. The CSS is still intended for Plone 3, so some stuff isn't quite
right on Plone 4

2. Hitting "Refresh" in the shopping cart produces a page not found
error. Plone 4, for some reason, treats @@refreshCart as @@refreshCart/
refreshCart. I'm going to assume it's a bug in the RCs for Plone 4.

3. The shopping cart viewlet isn't inserting its content into the main
template properly, so you get content from the bottom of the screen
overlaying the top of the cart. Again, I'm going to assume for now
it's a bug in the RCs for Plone 4.

The port should just work with existing Easyshop installations. Just
do a GIT checkout Plone_v4.0 in your Plone v3.3, test it works, then
do your upgrade. No data migration ought to be necessary as apart from
Zope 2.12, Python 2.6 and Plone 4 changes to the source nothing else
has changed.

Let me know how it goes.

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