Requesting permission to commit intra-EU VAT support to trunk

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Mar 9, 2010, 9:58:36 AM3/9/10
to easyshop

I have already committed a raft of translation (
p/easyshop-for-plone/source/detail?r=1693) and bug fixes (http:// to trunk. I
have also implemented intra-EU VAT support such that VAT registered
customers can zero rate VAT taxation by entering their VAT number, and
this number is stored with the easyshop customer profile. The EU
commission's VIES online VAT number checking site is then used to
display the validity of the VAT number in the order screen.

This new support is entirely optional and is enabled in the settings
for the shop, so if it is left disabled (the default) you won't notice
anything different.

Unfortunately the SVN repo layout makes branching tough, so I was
wondering if there would be anyone here unhappy with me simply
committing these improvements to trunk?

I also want to do up a wiki page detailing the new VAT support, and
improve the Easyshop Plone Product page further over what I've already
done - these things should help bring more people to Easyshop to help
with testing. There are also some further improvements I wish to make
to the Paypal payment process as right now it isn't very streamlined
for the customer, and currently Easyshop takes no notice of what
Paypal says about whether payment has been made.

I have also added British Sterling as a currency, extended the years
available for credit card payments, added all European countries and
the USA as options for delivery and a few other small fixes.


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