export_scnl: numerous missed msg(s)

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Meremonte, Mark E

Apr 29, 2021, 9:41:24 AMApr 29
to earthwo...@googlegroups.com
Dear EW Forum,

Have an export_scnl module with error message below that occurs in the statmgr log as many as 700,000 per day to as little as 0 per day. 
export_scnl missed msg(s) i32 m180 t19 in WAVE_EXP_RING

The m180 is a MOD_SLINK2EW module pulling data from a seedlink source.   We are pulling from other seedlink sources but this one is the only problematic one I infer from the error/warning message.  Wonder if error/warning related to the robustness of the IP connection to seedlink server link.

Best, Mark

Mark Meremonte    Geophysicist  
US Bureau of Reclamation   http://www.usbr.gov
Technical Services Center, Seismology & Geomorphology Group
Denver Federal Center,  PO Box 25007, 85-833000, Denver, CO  80225                  
Ship:  US Bureau of Reclamation, DFC, Bldg. 67-10th Floor, Denver, CO 80225

Paul Friberg

Apr 29, 2021, 5:39:11 PMApr 29
to Earthworm Community Forum
Does that module get restarted by statmgr often? If it restarts, that could be a clue.


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