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Nov 28, 2022, 10:47:42 AM11/28/22
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I have setup slink2ew module. The Status shows "Alive" after I run startstop. Is it means my earthworm is importing data from the seedlink server? or is there easy to check? Thanks.
Another issue is in the environment file, I put export EW_PARAMS=${EW_RUN_DIR}/params/, then my slink2ew log file complains "could not find state file" when I run srartstop. If I setup  EW_PARAMS=${EW_RUN_DIR}/params by removing the end slash "/", the slink2ew log file will say nothing of the state file. Why I have to remove the end slash? In the ew_linux.bash file, it declares "Path name must end with the slash". I just confused. 

El Berto

Nov 29, 2022, 3:44:39 AM11/29/22
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"Alive" only means ew manager module is receiving heartbeat messages from slink2ew.
You can check using sniffwave, supposing you are receiving slink data on ring WAVE_RING, for station (e.g. BALD):

sniffwave WAVE_RING | grep BALD

you should get similar output:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sniffwave WAVE_RING | grep BALD
sniffwave: inRing flushed 532 packets of 1041712 bytes total.
 BALD.HHZ.OX.-- (0x32 0x30) 0 i4 420 100.0 2022/11/29 08:40:51.69 (1669711251.6884) 2022/11/29 08:40:55.88 (1669711255.8784) 0x00 0x00 i255 m126 t19 len1744 [D:13.65s F: 0.0s]
 BALD.HHZ.OX.HP (0x32 0x30) 0 i4 420 100.0 2022/11/29 08:40:50.86 (1669711250.8591) 2022/11/29 08:40:55.05 (1669711255.0491) 0x00 0x00 i255 m51 t19 len1744 [D:14.68s F: 0.0s]
 BALD.HHZ.OX.-- (0x32 0x30) 0 i4 428 100.0 2022/11/29 08:40:55.89 (1669711255.8884) 2022/11/29 08:41:00.16 (1669711260.1584) 0x00 0x00 i255 m126 t19 len1776 [D:9.77s F: 0.4s]

Warning about state file means at first run it can't find state file for seedlink, it's normal at first run.
For the while don't take care about state file...

El Berto

Nov 29, 2022, 3:47:08 AM11/29/22
to Earthworm Community Forum
Check further if slink server is correctly working: you can manually telnet on seedlink server, type hello (and enter), server should answer... or increase verbosity level to.... 6 (I don't remember) on slink2ew configuration file, restart module and check logfile.

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