Seedlink Server: Appropriate ring size

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Meremonte, Mark E

Aug 16, 2022, 11:42:13 AMAug 16
Dear forum:

Is there a recommendation for ring size besides "not be bigger than the total system memory"?

The default is 1GB.   Which has larger bearing on size:  number of stations processing or number of pulls on the server?

Thank you,   Mark 
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Chad Trabant

Sep 3, 2022, 4:47:20 PMSep 3
to Earthworm Community Forum
Hi Mark,

I think there may be some confusion here between ringserver ring/buffer size and Earthworm transport ring size.  The ringserver default ring size is 1GB.  Whereas the default Earthworm transport ring has varied over time but, inspecting the current startstop* files in the repository for WAVE_RING setting, seems to be between 4 and 8 MB depending on platform.

Based on our non-forum communication I think the issue you are having is that the EW transport ring used with your ew2ringserver process is too small.  The error was:
"ew2ringserver(MOD_EW2RINGSERVER_IRIS): Circular queue lapped 5 times. Messages lost. Queue has 1000 messages."

I suspect the question you wish to ask is:

Forum, what size EW transport ring is recommended for data destined to an ew2ringserver process?

> Which has larger bearing on size:  number of stations processing or number of pulls on the server?

If this question was about ringserver, the answer is that the buffer size limits how many packets (miniSEED records) can be held, so the data rate is directly related to the amount of "history" in the buffer.  ringserver's buffer is shared by all clients so there is no connection with the number of SeedLink connections to ringserver.

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