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Ben Witten

Sep 21, 2022, 10:50:14 AM9/21/22
to Earthworm Community Forum

I am very new to Earthworm and trying to setup a fairly complex system, I am hoping this community can provide support.

For my system I have 3 separate EW instances. I would like one to act as the "Hub" which will import picks from from the other 2 "satellite" instances. These 2 satellite instances will only be produces picks to be exported to the Hub.

The Hub should the associate picks from all 3 instances and then calculate the location, magnitude, etc. 

So I believe, I need to export the picks from the pick_fp module from the satellite instances and have 2 import modules to receive these messages. Is this correct?

Then my other question is how to get the picks properly into the Hub PICK_RING and/or the BINDER_RING? 

Thank you for any assistance you can offer,

Dietz, Lynn D

Sep 21, 2022, 11:37:21 AM9/21/22
to Earthworm Community Forum
What you described is correct. USGS-Menlo has a similar system, with a dozen or so remote "satellite" Earthworm systems feeding into one "Hub".  The key is to make sure any module whose output will reach the Hub and mingle with output from other EW instances (ie, all your pick_fp modules) must have a Earthworm module_id that is unique within your entire set of Earthworm instances. 

pick_fp   generate picks (MOD_PICKFP1)
export_ack  export picks to Hub

pick_fp   generate picks (MOD_PICKFP2)
export_ack  export picks to Hub

pick_fp  generate picks (MOD_PICKFP3)  writes output to PICK_RING
import_ack 1   import picks from Satellite1 (MOD_IMP_PICK1) writes output to PICK_RING
import_ack 2  import picks from Satellite2 (MOD_IMP_PICK2) writes output to PICK_RING
binder_ew    inputs picks from PICK_RING, sees picks from all 3 pick_fp modules

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Paul Friberg

Sep 21, 2022, 11:49:52 AM9/21/22

What network is this for? Has the network been running EW for a long time or is it a new network in the FDSN?


Paul Friberg
ISTI==Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc.
Phone +1.518.602.0001  

Ben Witten

Sep 23, 2022, 3:27:02 PM9/23/22
to Earthworm Community Forum
Thank you for the response. This is helpful.

A followup question, is it possible for Earthworm to also export/import the associated waveform data around the picks? I do not want to pass the full continous records but would like to have data around the potential events.

As for the network, right now it is purely theoretical and I am investigating my options of how to get it working as I want.

Thanks again for your help,

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