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Steve Shuff

Dec 22, 2022, 12:28:48 PM12/22/22
to earthwo...@googlegroups.com
Hi all
Please accept my apologies as this post is not strictly EW.

I have been lucky enough to have been given a few "GPS800 Satellite Synchronised Time & Frequency Standard" units complete with aerials, and all in working order. Manufactured by Timecode Clocks.
These units suffer from the WNRO issue and I am wondering if a firmware upgrade is available to combat this issue.
I have trawled the www for information on these units but to no avail.
Would anyone on this mailing list have any information, service manuals etc on these units please.
Thanks and 

       Seasons Greetings

El Berto

Dec 23, 2022, 5:39:31 AM12/23/22
to Earthworm Community Forum
I can't find this model.
Which kind of output/interface?
If you don't strictly need to use this receiver easiest solution would be to buy new gps receiver, else you should update firmware (I think low probabilities), or build device based on MCU to read output strings/protocol and correct WNRO.
Or correct WNRO by software in applications you need.

Steve Shuff

Dec 23, 2022, 11:01:09 AM12/23/22
to earthwo...@googlegroups.com
Hello Berto, the unit is a 19" Rack mount which was in use approx 20 years ago.
If I can't find a firmware update , what I might do is swop the GPS receiver unit inside for a more up-to-date unit. I have done similar before and it worked well.. A manual for this instrument would make the operation easier.  Its a nice looking bit of kit and I would like to put it to use.. 
You recall the Earthdata module you developed ? Can we put it in the EW repository as I think Paul or Stefano suggested it. Thanks.

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El Berto

Dec 23, 2022, 12:35:01 PM12/23/22
to Earthworm Community Forum
I had same issue about GPS-1 receivers from Kinemetrics, I moved from a 19" rack mount to a 3-Din to send data over optic fiber, using PIC I also solved WNRO issue.
I just sent code to Paul, I'll use git as soon I learn about using it correctly.
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