📜 EwA Week Recap: Fishing Spider and Life on a Lily Pad, Fells Nature Documentation Walk this Sat & more...

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Claire O'Neill

Aug 22, 2021, 6:20:58 PM8/22/21
to Earthwise Aware Discussion Group

Here's the recap of another busy week at EwA and a few highlights of what's coming...

📸  So many great sightings again this week. If we have to pick one, that'd be the observation of a Six-spotted Fishing Spider (Dolomedes triton) by Ale. Imposing beauty, no? If you zoom in you'll also see a myriad of tiny whitish critters, these may be Megamelus (a member of planthopper)–all on a lily pad. Then, if you look on the left edge of that pad, I can also see a true bug (maybe a member of the Miridae family). There's often a lot going on a lily pad and that's an illustration of that right there! :-)

📊 Thanks to all for great biodiversity records this week! - totaling 574 observations of 345 distinct species. Curious about this week's records that have been validated by the iNat community so far? > here.

Running tally: 🏆  To date, we recorded 79,766 observations of 6,705 distinct species! Check our EwA umbrella project and see the details per site/observer & more... > here


📅  EwA Coming Public Events

Field Events » Space is limited for all our field events. Wildlife ethics is important to us and we seek to avoid putting pressure on natural habitats that large gatherings unavoidably do. We are asking our audience to register-and-commit to avoid no-shows (or cancel when you know you can't come) [ Events details & registration ].

  • Fells Nature Documentation (July, 28th - 9:30 am | registration) » Learn how you can help the plants, the wildlife, and habitats of the Fells through EwA's participatory nature science program. No skills required other than a genuine interest in observing, learning and recording.

■ EwA Fieldwork (& Resources)

We are monitoring phenology and entomofauna weekly at all sites. Our biodiversity and habitat documentation fieldwork is also as healthy as ever thanks to our group of core citizen scientists who simply rock! Note to our citizen scientists: Our Wednesday phenology field work at Long Pond (Kathy's team) will move from Wednesday to Friday starting the first week of September.

🗺️ EwA Sites Map | 🌱  Site Protocols and Guides - Field Rosters - Field Notes > All here! | ℹ️  More About EwA Citizen Science Program » here

Any questions❓ Don't be shy. Just email me or reply to this thread.

Thanks and Have a great week! - Claire

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Pic: Six-spotted Fishing Spider (Dolomedes triton) iNaturalist record © Ale Echandi

Cheers! - Claire


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