🎙️ EwA at the Boston Biodiversity Consortium: Inspiring a Co-creative Citizen Science Community

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Jul 10, 2020, 1:52:06 PM7/10/20
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Some might have missed the talk that we gave at the Boston Biodiversity Consortium this Wednesday: "Urban Biodiversity & Phenology — An Opportunity for Collaborative Citizen Science

Covered in this talk are no smaller matters, but it made an impact. 

So, what did we talk about? Here:
□ the importance of biodiversity, the lack of public awareness of its decline,  and the need to act and slow down or stop this great worldwide decline
□ the need to step out of the species focus (and narrow boxes) and study systems seriously and continuously
□ the opportunity for citizen science to engage at a deep level our communities, including giving back science to the people
□ the need for global data & open science (now!)
□ we illustrated these concepts explaining the EwA citizen science model, which promotes “place-based cross-landscape co-creative biodiversity citizen science”.
□ we ended the talk with a call to this wide community to create a Boston area biodiversity citizen science network, which mission would be to address cross-pollination of our studies, making our data comparable and usable across organizations so that we can have a greater impact together and create a culture of excellence in our area.  

🖥️  Here are the slides » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-cit-sci-network
📹  Here is the recording » https://youtu.be/maEz764kGTM
Enjoy! ツ 

Thanks to Zoo New England for being such a gracious host!

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Claire O'Neill

Jul 10, 2020, 4:07:22 PM7/10/20
to earthwi...@googlegroups.com
I am also sharing with you all the talk the follow-up message that I sent to the BBC community, as some of the announcements I made during the talk may be of interest to you.

In the presentation 'Urban Biodiversity and Phenology - An Opportunity for Collaborative Citizen Science', I mentioned a few things, organizations, and a call to create a Boston Area citizen science network. Here they are: 

1) Earthwise Aware (EwA). Our home page > here | our citizen science program page > here. We also have a monthly Livestream for our collaborators & friends, colleagues, patrons - which purpose is to connect, strengthen/refine our programs, our collaborations, and operations. The next one is next Thursday, July 16th (6 pm ET). You're invited to join. <email me so that I add you to the invite>

I also made a call to create a local citizen science network. If you want to see that happening <email me>. We'll start from there, and if there is enough interest we can then create a local task force...  Let's brainstorm together! 

2) Friends of the Fells (FOF). I mentioned that I am a Friends of the Fells board member and the chair of the FOF Nature Conservation Committee. I invite anyone interested in the Fells to join our next virtual Conservation Committee (August 6th, 7 pm ET), this is a great way to participate/help enable and do science in the Fells. <email me so that I add you to the invite

3) Citizen Science Association's Ethics Working Group (CSA Ethics). I mentioned that I am a co-chair of CSA Ethics, and that part of my mission here is to raise the profile of biodiversity ethics that is often overlooked in both citizen science and science. Our next quarterly virtual meeting is next Friday, July 24th (noon ET). We invite any of you to join this meeting <email me so that I add you to the invite>. The agenda -not focused on Biodiversity this time- is 'still' very exciting: 

-- an invited talk 'Citizen science for Social Justiceby Abby Kinchy | co-author of Science by the People: Participation, Power, and the Politics of Environmental Knowledge (Rutgers 2019)

-- a short intro and call to participate in a Data Ethics Study to help build professional norms of trustworthy data practices, and to co-create the tools, guides, and resources to support those norms. 

That is all. If I missed anything, again don't hesitate to <email me>...  

A wonderful weekend to all!

Cheers! - Claire


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