🐞 Next Pollinator/Insect Survey at the Growing Center > 8:30 am (Aug, Sat 3rd)

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Jul 28, 2019, 2:39:09 PM7/28/19
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It's great to see interest in helping our city pollinators (&insects). Thanks for joining this science community effort!

We'll be at the Growing Center this coming Saturday (8:30 am). That 3rd visit will be about consolidating this study site. We will also get a second visual survey (photo survey) + a second count survey in (abundance count of the insects that visit the trees that we marked). We will also start the inventory of the plants of the center so that we can understand better insect-to-plant interactions.
As usual, we record all our activities in site-specific logs that we make public. And here is the one about the Growing Center > here it is.


📅 You can check our Events calendar to see when we plan our visits > our Growing Center events usually have a beetle 🐞 appended to their title to ease spotting them in our busy calendar ツ For the Growing Center, we'll be spontaneous (more so than for our other sites surveys), and have them planned about a day to a week prior to a visit.

I'll be the one leading those surveys while you are with me. So you'll have a great opportunity to learn and practice until you want to do it as well on your own -or not: it's fine to keep wanting to do it in a group setting :-) The goal, besides community and science building, is also to have you monitoring when we can't, and supply additional data. The more regular and continuous our surveys are, the better it is for our pollinators, our scientists and ourselves as human Earth-citizen!

Each visit I'll start with the field task du jour, and with a short intro with important info for newcomers to give a chance to anybody to start at any point during the year. 
If you're new and you missed the project intro part, and day field duty explanations, then no worry, there's always the next event! :-) 

ⓘ More about EwA Citizen Science Program » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-citizen-science

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Jul 29, 2019, 5:48:09 PM7/29/19
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Just a little more details about Saturday for those of you who can make it. There are 2 surveys that we do regularly at the Growing Center (and at 3 other sites): a photo-documentation (for occurrence data), and a count (for abundance data). This Saturday we'll do both as well as start inventory the plants (for insect-to-plants data).

Insect occurrence (Survey #1) 
We upload our photo-documentation on iNaturalist. It is a great global and open biodiversity data platform that is also a social network for naturalists to share their sightings. If you don't have an iNaturalist account, it's easy to setup. Then, if you give me your iNaturalist profile name I'll be able to pull your observations of the Growing Center Pond in our project. I have Renee and Jeanine's profile, and Jeanine's data is already showing in. 

Counting insects (Survey #2) 
For those who want to also do the count (the second kind of survey): If you want to install the caterpillars count app, here is > the link. Next time we meet I can show how to record data: it's very easy very quickly! 

Hope to see you this Saturday! 

Cheers, - Claire
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