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Mar 15, 2020, 10:23:41 AM3/15/20
to Earthwise Aware Discussion Group
Dear EwA Naturalists,

🔬 Fieldwork
Uncertain & troubling times... We have canceled all group fieldwork sessions for at least this week and next. 
But we keep working: I'll carry the work and myself will be out there recording. 
For those of you who know the Phenology monitoring drill at Long Pond and Bellevue (at the Fells), do not hesitate to come and record data using your Nature's Notebook account. This will help to keep regular records, therefore, having regular data, which is key for data relevancy and quality.
For those who want to join the effort email me. 
Also, If you know a good roster app to dispatch work that could help us schedule our site visits, then tell me. I have that on my todo list and when I have a sec I'll check if NPN provides that to their users.

Quick note: This past week, we have visited all our studies sites and started prepping them for the insect phenology survey that will start sometime later this Spring. I'll keep you updated.

Site Logs:
📅 EwA Livestream this Thursday
Once a month, we meet online (web seminar). 
See the EwA Calendar event (& access)

March Mtg Agenda:
  • COVID-19 & EwA Events (Debriefing & Debunking)
  • Vernal pool program: EwA Class at Audubon, VP permit
  • 2020 CitSci program start
  • Friends of the Fells Nature Conservation Committee
  • Forest Explorations events & coming Joe & Bill EwA spinoff event setup
🦠 Covid-19 & Flattening the Curve
A personal note: I cannot stress enough how important the situation is. I am following my family and friends in Europe that is now the epicenter. I hear too many of my friends telling me that the virus is like a mild flu: If you have it, I have it, and we'll be fine. The problem at this time is less about how it affects the healthy ones, but how fast we spread it to others, and how the vulnerable people are affected. It's also about how our healthcare can be overwhelmed and will be, even more so here in the United States where people are unequal when it comes to how the health care system treats people both financially and medically. I also remind us all that we don't have a vaccine. I have very vulnerable people in my surroundings, and as a healthy person I know that I am likely to also be a robust carrier who does not know that she has it. I am self-isolating as much as possible for that very reason: to protect the ones I love and my community.

Slowing down the chain of transmission is so important at this moment.
So take care of yourself, your family and friends, stay healthy! Let's flatten the curve! 

Also sharing a few good sites with you all (if you don't have them already):
And here are 2 good maps:

Stay healthy. Cheers, - Claire


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Kathy McGlathery

Mar 15, 2020, 10:46:31 AM3/15/20
to EwA, Earthwise Aware Discussion Group
Hi Claire,  

Ha!  You must have pressed Send at the same time I did on my email to you!  

Spring growth is clearly beginning and we do not want to miss those phenology records!

I do want to help the monitoring continue. As you know I will not be available for most of this week, but after that I can plan to monitor Long Pond for phenology and insects, as long as I am healthy. I should able to do observations on Friday if that helps. I am happy to share that monitoring or to cover for others as needed. 


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Mar 15, 2020, 11:03:07 AM3/15/20
to Earthwise Aware Discussion Group
For those of you who do not have the Nature's Notebook app yet. 

We are a partner and so we have a group. When you sign up on the app look for the Earthwise Aware group. 
The sites that most of you are familiar with: The Long Pond Low P1 and Long Pond High P2.

I will put an instruction/help page/post in a couple of days. I will also set up a roster for us. Kathy and Jennifer just emailed me to join the effort.

Thanks! To all of you stay healthy!


Mar 15, 2020, 6:36:12 PM3/15/20
to Earthwise Aware Discussion Group
Thanks to all of you who are stepping forward to helping! You rock! 🧡 

I am going to get out there this Wednesday and make a short film to show in-situ the species that we monitor at each site (Long Pond and Bellevue) and so that you find them more easily. 
I'll also complete the study site map augmenting it with pictures of the species. 🗺️ Map short url > https://tinyurl.com/ewa-study-sites-map

The sites where we are following plant phenology at this time are (on that map and on Nature's Notebook): 
  • Long Pond Low P1
  • Long Pond High P2 & C2 
  • Bellevue Dogwood P3
  • Bellevue Oak P4
I'll schedule a web conf (I'll ask availability and explain how to get on it for those who are less familiar with that kind of tech). You'll love it!

Stay healthy! Cheers, - Claire

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