🎉 Good News: One of our Vernal Pool Applications (for State certification) has been accepted!

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Oct 25, 2019, 5:18:04 PM10/25/19
to Earthwise Aware Discussion Group

A few days ago we announced that we submitted the application for certification for 2 candidate vernal pools in the Fells? (which will grant more habitat protection). Well, well... One of them has been approved!!! And we are super proud of it! If you're curious about which it is: it is known to us and local herpetologists as LWV12 (or PVP 13885 on OLIVER).

Here is an obligate vernal pool species: our observation of a fairy shrimp (and that was part of the submitted evidence). 

What about the other potential pool? The NHESP is asking us for more evidence of the pool special hydrology - which we have! So we just added the piece of evidence and resubmitted the application ☺️ Cross your fingers!!!

Thanks again to Joe and Matt (our lovely herpetologists) and to all our citizen scientists who made that happen. You rock! 

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