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Mar 3, 2020, 10:28:59 AM3/3/20
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Hey all, Mike here with another EwA News Digest!

First off, some cool science news. A new study in Nature uses a global data set to back up a theory that has been important to ecology and evolutionary biology for a long time: E.O. Wilson's and R.H. Macarthur's theory of island biogeography.
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After that, something a little more upsetting, but no less important. An article in The Intercept reveals the pesticide industry's decades-long strategy to fight the regulation of neonicotinoids, a group of potent compounds that have been banned in the EU.
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Last week, the United Nations' working group for the Convention on Biological Diversity held a meeting in Rome, where they worked on drafting a new treaty to be ratified in October. Read what the UN agriculture chief had to say about the importance of biodiversity here:
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On the local level, $1.5 million from a settlement with General Electric has been allocated for restoration of the Housatonic River in Western MA and CT, including education programs, more ecologically friendly infrastructure, and habitat restoration.
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To end on a fun note: when the ocean gets too cool in the winter, manatees seek out sources of warmth in the water. Thanks to a webcam from Blue Springs State Park in Florida, you can watch manatees as they take up residence near hot springs in the winter!

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Under Water Webcam Blue Spring State Park

That's it for this news digest! We'll see you next time.

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