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Oct 16, 2020, 4:10:27‚ÄĮPM10/16/20
to Earthwise Aware Discussion Group
Finally! Here is a new discussion group for those who are interested in sharing about citizen science (programs, ideas, collaborations) pertaining to biodiversity and climate science. If you remember, I intended to do that much sooner after calling for the creation of such a network (at the Boston Biodiversity Consortium [BCC]) back in July, but COVID time has shifted many of my priorities as it has been the case for most of us. 

‚ďė¬†The intent of this network (and its forum) is to give us means to work better together. We can share project ideas and resources, call for collaborations, align our protocols when possible so that we can collaborate¬†in our studies in such a way that our data is comparable, useful, and usable locally, state-wise, nationally, and globally. Such a collaborative¬†network would show leadership and help us care for one another, our communities, and our eco-sphere. Together¬†we can set a standard for¬†open citizen science and excellence.

I am inviting you to join this GBA Biodiversity Citizen Science Network discussion group and to share this invitation with your network. You can tell me that you want to join and I'll add you as a member, or you can request to join directly from the forum. Let's start brainstorming, and collaborating! 

Notifications? Note that we are using the Google group platform as it is a flexible and an efficient tool that allows you to choose how you want to be notified by emails (all, digest, or abridged notifications) or not. You also have the possibility to go directly to the online platform where you can freely consult the archive of posts organized by topics. You can reply privately (via email or directly from the online group) to the author of any post or you can choose to reply to the community as a whole.

Discussion group management. If you want to share the management duties of this online group, please contact me directly. The goal is to have a few of us helping there, I'll be glad to show the ropes and share tips, and collaborate!

A great weekend to all! 

Cheers - Claire
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