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A Place to Live – Barriers to Affordable Housing in UK and Worldwide

Presenter: Heather Wetzel, Chair of UK Labour Land Campaign

Date and Time: Saturday 6th March, 4:00 pm London; 11:00 am EST (New York)

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6042408152

Sponsor:  International Union for Land Value Taxation

Co-Sponsors: Council of Georgist Organizations, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, Earth Rights Institute, Center for the Study of Economics, Public Revenue Education Council, The Better Cities Committee, School of Cooperative Individualism, CONFED, The Lay Society

Description:  Heather Wetzel will discuss the primary reasons why housing has become out of reach to rent or buy for so many. She will share her concerns about our increasingly divided society of rich and poor and consequent social and economic problems. Heather will put forward fundamental policy proposals that can solve the problem. She will discuss how these policies can at the same time address environmental challenges.

More about Heather Wetzel: Based in the UK and has an BA Honours Degree in Economics. She is a member of the UK Labour Party and is Chair of the Labour Land Campaign – a UK organisation that includes members of the Labour Party, Green Party, Trade Unions and others who believe in social and economic equality, fairness and sharing of our natural resource wealth. 


Heather prefers the public ownership of our natural resources and the charging of economic rent for their use. She recognises that a land value tax is a positive step for achieving a shift in taxation off earned incomes and on to the unearned incomes currently pocketed by owners of land and other natural resources.


From 1978-1990 Heather was an elected councillor for a West London Borough (population over 200,000). Between 1987-1990 she served as Chair of Education with responsibility for over 80 schools. She is researcher for the Labour Land Campaign and other organizations.  Heather lobbies Members of Parliament and other public officials on the economic and social benefits of implementing an annual Land Value Tax.


Heather is author of ‘Welfare for the Rich’ a booklet that shows how the inequitable UK tax system means the poorest of the poor are subsidising the richest of the rich who are getting the greatest amount of subsidy not just by avoiding or evading paying taxes but also because the UK Government and European Union subsidies and grants capitalise into land value.

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