Forty years of Collaborative Learning

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Stuart Scott

Sep 2, 2022, 4:56:05 AMSep 2
to EAL-Bilingual
We are moving the office, only a few feet, but this has meant sorting through all the paper activities and resources we hold. So we decided to digitise our paper records and throw out the filing cabinets folders etc. We have a photocopier up to the task but it may take till the end of October to complete the work.
I thought many of you might be interested in some of the papers etc that we hold so here is a copy of Issues in Race and Education from 1983 - the year ILEA granted funding and their Multiethnic /EAL inspectorate officially launched the project at County Hall (now an aquarium).
When things turn up which might interest you I'll put them on EAL Bilingual
I also will be giving away loads of books  and I will post a list when I make a list. This might interest folk doing doctorates on the history of EAL/Bilingual education in the UK. Questions they might be asking: have classrooms become more or less EAL friendly? Has there been any radical change in EAL?  pedagogy?
Are we the only EAL project remaining that has not been monetised?
Best wishes,
PS Does anyone need or know a use for box files and lever arch folders? We have rather a lot to dispose of. Free to anyone who can collect them
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Griffin, Melanie

Sep 2, 2022, 5:15:59 AMSep 2
to Stuart Scott, EAL-Bilingual

Good luck with the move, Stuart! It sounds like a huge task with all those paper materials.

The old stuff sounds interesting. There are always comparisons to be made to evaluate how far things have moved forwards (or backwards) in different areas of policy and practice.


Sadly, these days almost everyone is forced into a commercial situation. Great that Collaborative Learning is still going strong despite changes all around. Still relevant, practical and useful.


Best wishes,





Melanie Griffin BA (Hons), PGCE, PgDip, M.Ed., FCCT

Director, NASSEA



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Graham Smith

Sep 2, 2022, 5:42:51 AMSep 2
to Stuart Scott, EAL-Bilingual
I am sure you have lots of fascinating documents, but when are you writing the history of the project?


Best wishes,


Graham Smith
The EAL Academy


T: 020 3488 2700





Stuart Scott

Sep 2, 2022, 8:27:49 AMSep 2
to Graham Smith, EAL-Bilingual
Thanks for the good wishes. It turns out to be, when approached gently, a very pleasurable activity. I'm currently scanning home economics (which was transmogrified into D and T as Food Technology and developed at Islington Green and North Westminster schools. One of the activities: Are you a Stinker? online at
may become even more popular than it already is when hot water soon becomes a precious commodity 

I have always believed that teachers working together on resource development are more creative than those working on their own. Sadly pressures on teachers have made this a rarity and pupil talk is still also neglected. I was fortunate enough to work in university (including teacher training! in the UK and abroad, before I decided to work in school. Consequently, I was confident about what needed to happen in classrooms and prepared to fight for it with research to back it up. The current model of teacher training does not prepare teachers for engagement with their 'superiors'. Unfortunately not everything that counts can be counted and vice versa; talk is a slippery customer and beancounters don't like slippery, so I am not optimistic that schools will become more EAL friendly.
I plan to keep the website going until I no longer can which means someone else will be writing the history.  I am extremely grateful to those colleagues (all named online) who are still contributing inspiring activities. 
Interestingly, we now get almost as many downloads from the US as the UK and quite a few from Oz

Collaborative Learning Project. A teacher network sharing talk for learning resources.
17 Barford Street, London N1 0QB 44 207 226 8885

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