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Ilkka Huotari

Aug 19, 2010, 2:41:54 AM8/19/10
to eaccelerator
I don't know why I can't post to the existing SHM module thread, so
here's a new one.

Can I ask why ea developers aren't keen to adding the shm module back
to ea? As far as I see it, the shm_ functions in php work quite
differently (different model as far as the user sees it) and it's
unknown how they can replace the functions in ea.

So, can I ask why the shm cannot be not put back into ea; is there too
much work, are they technically outdated or what's the reason?

As of now I have to keep using and probably some others as


Bart Vanbrabant

Aug 19, 2010, 3:09:01 AM8/19/10

As I said here before and because you are so damn persistent I will
say it again. The main reason is maintenance. The shm functions are
not cleanly integrated in eAccelerator. So we had to make a choice:
either we make sure that the few people that are to stubborn to use
something else can use the shm functions, or we invest the little time
we have for eA in keeping it up to date with php. There is only a very
small number of people using those functions. To date only a handful
of people complained of the thousands of users. Only one person keeps

I never said that you could use the shm_ functions in php directly. I
did say that you can use them to implement an api that is similar to
the eA shm functions. You can also implement this in C using almost
the same functions. Your choice. If somebody ever implements it, we
will consider hosting it next to eA script cache. Integrate those two,



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Bart Vanbrabant <>

Ilkka Huotari

Sep 15, 2010, 7:53:17 PM9/15/10
to eaccelerator
Yeah, thanks.

I didn't see the reason for this in the last post in the other thread,
that's why I asked. I just wanted to get a clear picture how much work
it would be.


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