Registration Process in Network Analysis plugin

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Venkateswaran Rajagopalan

Jan 16, 2023, 5:24:58 PMJan 16
to ExploreDTI
Dear All

I searched through extensively in the forum to find an answer regarding how registration is done between the AAL atlas and your subjects diffusion data. Kindly clarify the following

1) when I choose AAL atlas labels and template images in the Network analysis plug in and choose my subject's data how is the registration between these  two images carried out meaning
a) whether the AAL template image is registered to my B0 image in the .mat file of my diffusion data or to the DWI images, if so to which one of the DWIs
b) is this registration linear or non-linear or both
c) the AAL template image is skull stripped whereas my diffusion data is not so whether this is take care of in the registration
d) how the user can set/change parameter settings for this registration in case the registration is not good enough
Thanks in advance
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