NaN?? in output .txt file from atlas CSD analysis & additional residual questions

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May 22, 2018, 1:22:00 PM5/22/18
to ExploreDTI
(1) In my connectivity matrices output (attached in excel & .txt versions), I get a fair number of NaN (non-number) values. These NaNs are consistent across participants for certain connections, primarily for the mean FA values however, my AFD values for those certain values. Could anyone tell me why this would occur and how I may fix the issue?

(2) I should mention that when I process my data, I concatenate the (2) AP image sets. When this complete my residual map (attached) looks a little different than the manual, my guess is that this is due to the alternating values in the data set. In your guys opinion is this residual okay or will/is this producing any future issues?    

Additional info:
bvals: alternating (b0, b800, b1600 & b2400) values---values I am selecting (6) Non-DWI: b0 & (53) DWI: b1600 & b2400 values   
Atlas: Ruddy (located in the ExploreDTI software
Tractography: CSD
Main Corrections: SDC, Gibbs, and subject motion & EC/EPI distortions

Thank you in advance for your help,
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