Can't see the parameters setting when using ‘correct for subject motion and EC\EPI distortions’

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Jun 23, 2017, 4:12:38 AM6/23/17
to ExploreDTI

Dear all:
      Hello. I met some problem when suing the  ‘correct for subject motion and EC\EPI distortions’ in the version 4.8.6.
      I have asked my senior while she used the old version of exploerDTI, and the  ‘correct for subject motion and EC\EPI distortions’ was called ‘motion\Distortion Correction(+MNI)’. When she clicks the  ‘motion\Distortion Correction(+MNI)’,the interface show this picture which can set parameters

 But in my version of explore DTI,I can't see the parameters setting。could you help to deal with the problem?
           Best wishes.

Samuel St-Jean

Jun 23, 2017, 5:13:17 PM6/23/17
to ExploreDTI
Seems like the standalone version ate my ability to take print screens (must be a java quirk or something), but oyu can find everything now under

settings -> SM/EC/EPI correction -> registration details and etc.
Pretty much everything should be there or under a slightly different name, with sane default parameters which should satisfy most use case.

For the gaussian smoothing, if the screenshot is form a really old version, it was moved under plugins, but alexander once said it also fell into the old pile of stuff which is still there for historical reason and should not really be used anymore.
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