Setting up Explore DTI on Mac

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Oct 10, 2017, 4:17:46 AM10/10/17
to ExploreDTI
Dear Explore DTI experts, 
I ran into some trouble trying to install Explore DTI. I am trying to set it up on a Mac. I do have MATLAB, but none of the required toolboxes, which is why I am trying to install the standalone version. 
I downloaded the zip file ( and the Matlab Common Runtime Library

The MCR Readme file suggests to move all product files to the matlab_installer folder before launching InstallForMacOSX. I wonder where I can find that folder and what all counts as product files? A quick search in Finder doesn't bring up any folger called "matlab_install". 

I would very much appreciate your advice. 

Alberto DE LUCA

Oct 11, 2017, 10:01:41 AM10/11/17
to ExploreDTI
Dear dorfschl,

I am not sure to understand the problem properly. In theory (that is what I did on my Mac) you just have to install the downloaded MCR using the program InstallForMacOSX, which is located in the folder after uncompression, and use the default settings. Once this has been done, the standalone mac version should run straight away (eventually after reboot).

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