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Jacqueline Marcue Arana

Apr 30, 2021, 9:42:18 AMApr 30

Hello, I need help with canvas. My task needs to mantain the canvas in all long of the displays, but it has clear with my stimulus even when is not indicarted. I'd tried with other screen in the middle but even with it, the last part didn't works. Do you know other form?

Spape, Michiel

Apr 30, 2021, 10:03:09 AMApr 30

Hi Jacqueline,

Could you perhaps rewrite that? Although I’m not in the habit of making too much of a thing about spelling, grammar, and so on, but I’m not entirely clear what you’re trying to communicate, here. So I just guess, here.

Are you are trying to use canvas programming, writing pixels directly to a screen basically, and would like to keep viewing that even after you show something else, like a TextDisplay? The problem is that any next TextDisplay is going to overwrite your canvas script, but then again I don’t know what else you’d expect? I mean, I know it happens sometimes that you view one window in your browser and somehow, wonkily, the YouTube video of another is playing through it but it feels more like a bug than a feature :) Anyway, still, if that’s what you want, there are three strategies:

  1. Make your textDisplay’s (or what have you) frame width/height to something like 50%; then it shouldn’t overwrite anything you placed on the screen before it.
  2. Use transparent backgrounds.
  3. Run the script with the canvas operations immediately after any textdisplay again, setting these textdisplays to have duration 0. You might get the single flash with just the textdisplay without the preceding canvas to show so short it will hardly be noticeable.


Hope that helps!



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Jacqueline Marcue Arana

Apr 30, 2021, 10:09:41 AMApr 30
Thank you very much. I'm sorry for my writing, I'm not English native speaker. But I will try to do my best.
Thanks for your help, It works! 

Spape, Michiel

Apr 30, 2021, 10:17:21 AMApr 30


It’s no problem, happy it helped!

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