Unable to send task events from E-Prime 3 to BrainVision Recorder using Chronos

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Amanda Cremone

Jun 29, 2021, 6:29:59 PMJun 29
to E-Prime

I am having trouble getting my E-Prime 3 experiment to send event tags to  BrainVision Recorder using the Chronos adapter (specifically, the actiCHamp adapter). My E-Prime task works fine and Chronos software is installed and connected appropriately. To my knowledge, the problems seems to be caused by the way I am coding task events for Chronos in E-Prime. Ultimately, I'd like to see different task events in the BrainVision Recorder file when different E-Prime stimuli appear on the screen and when participants respond. In E-Prime, I've added Chronos as a device, but am unsure: 
  1. if I need to designate a specific button on the Chronos keypad as an acceptable response (right now, it is programmed as 'any' because there are no correct or incorrect response)
  2. which 'action' I should select 
  3. and which 'data type' should be selected for that action
Is there documentation that assists with the pairing of E-Prime 3 and BrainVision Recorder using Chronos somewhere that I've overlooked? Are there settings I need to adjust in BrainVision Recorder to ensure compatibility? Does anyone have an E-Prime experiment programmed for BrainVision Recorder using Chronos that I could model my experiment off of?

A few disclaimers: 
  • I'm new faculty trying to set-up my lab and, although used both programs in the past, I've never set these tasks up things up independently. Unfortunately, my colleagues are not familiar with Chronos.
  • I've reached out to both BrainVision and E-Prime for support but communication is slow and thus far, their advice has not resolved the problem.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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