Experiment reading inline AFTER the following object.

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Oct 11, 2016, 2:43:54 PM10/11/16
to E-Prime
Hi group,
I keep running across this problem and I was hoping someone could point me toward a solution. I believe it has to do with the structure of my experiment and the order in which E-Prime is reading it. Let me try a simplified explanation first and see where that gets us:

In my experimental structure, the InLine (aptly titled "Definitions") that defines "TargetVariable" PRECEDES the SoundOut object that uses "TargetVariable" to select a wav file. However, I keep getting a "no such attribute 'TargetVariable'" message.

When I run the script, I can see that E-Prime is trying to get the SoundOut object BEFORE it reads the preceding InLine that defines the SoundOut object file. 

How do I get E-Prime to read the inline script before it tries to access the SoundOut object? How do I get it to read it in order, in other words?

[One more detail that might be useful to know is that this only seems to happen when I have a practice procedure before the procedure in question. If I isolate the procedure in question, it works fine. When I integrate it with a practice procedure, I get the error message.]

So, a simplified version of the structure, with the relevant portion in bold, is as follows:

Procedure: SessionProc
Slide1: Directions1
Slide 2: Directions2
List: PracticeList
     Procedure: Practice
     SoundOut: SoundOut1    
     Slide3: HitTest
List: ExperimentList
     Procedure: TargetFirst
     InLine: Definitions (this defines "TargetVariable")
     SoundOut: SoundOut2 (this accesses [TargetVariable])

     Slide3: Response
     InLine: HitTest
TextDisplay: ByeBye

Can anyone help me?

David McFarlane

Oct 12, 2016, 10:35:17 AM10/12/16
to e-p...@googlegroups.com
Sigh. This question keeps coming up on this Group ever since the
release of EP2.0.10 a few years ago, and keeps getting answered -- see,
e.g., https://groups.google.com/d/topic/e-prime/IV1KWxm3Q-U and
https://groups.google.com/d/topic/e-prime/SBZ5pL0z8NE . I wish we had a
FAQ for this group that we could just point people to.

Once again, you have run into the expected default behavior of Generate
PreRun, as documented at
http://www.pstnet.com/support/kb.asp?TopicID=3299 . You should also pay
attention to PreRelease, see
http://www.pstnet.com/support/kb.asp?TopicID=2627 . Although the new
Experiment Advisor feature does help us to catch problems when using an
InLine after PreRelease, it does not help us with the Generate PreRun
"gotcha", so we just have to watch out for this ourselves.

-- David McFarlane
> *Procedure: TargetFirst InLine: Definitions (this defines
> "TargetVariable") SoundOut: SoundOut2 (this accesses [TargetVariable])*


Oct 13, 2016, 3:07:27 PM10/13/16
to e-p...@googlegroups.com
Thanks so much for responding. Yes, that does seem to be the issue; I'd been gotcha'd! Changing the Generate PreRun setting to BeforeObjectRun gets me past the error message, but it seems to alter the timings of my preciously synced audio and video stimuli (a possibility mentioned in the discussion of this feature in the knowledge base). It also unaccountably halts my adaptive procedure after one run of each condition! Nevertheless, you gave me some helpful food for thought, so that I am once again heading in a direction, if not the right one.
Thanks again!

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Phillip Mahoney, Ph.D.
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