Stimulus Not Showing Up Correctly

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Gabrielle Fabrikant-Abzug

Oct 22, 2021, 4:23:13 PM10/22/21
to E-Prime
Hi all, 

I am having an issue with an e-prime experiment where my first stimulus image is being unintentionally cropped. The ImageDisplay slide is pulling images from my trial list, and the images are stored in the same folder as the experiment. The first image is not displaying correctly - it looks almost like it hasn't had enough time to load. The other images are showing up perfectly fine. I have tried changing the PreRelease settings and adding in a blank slide before the stimulus appears (to try to give it more time to fully load), but neither of those have worked. Has anyone had this issue before or know how to resolve it?

Thank you in advance!!

David McFarlane

Oct 25, 2021, 2:46:05 PM10/25/21
I highly doubt that it has anything to do with PreRelease, that would be
really weird.

Do you run your stimulus image List in Random order, or in Sequential
order? IOW, does this problem happen only to one particular image file,
or does it happen to all the image files?

Can you make a minimal example that shows this behavior?

Can you make an outline of your Procedure to show here? E.g.,
- TrialProc
--- FixationText
--- StimSlide
--- BlankText

-- David McFarlane

Gabrielle Fabrikant-Abzug

Oct 28, 2021, 3:50:35 PM10/28/21
Hi David, 

Thank you so much for your response! The issue happens to whichever image is first to be displayed. I am attaching a video of the issue here that may also help to better explain what is going on. Here is an outline of the procedure:

---SoundOut: Ding (sound to indicate beginning of trial)
---Image Display Slide: Stimulus 1
---Image Display Slide: Blank Grid
---Image Display Slide: Stimulus 2
---Image Display Slide: Blank Grid
---Image Display Slide: Stimulus 3
---Image Display Slide: Blank Grid (this is where the participant types in the answer)
---SoundOut: Ding (to indicate the end of the trial)
---Image Display Slide: Blank Grid
---Feedback Display (lets participant know whether they got the right answer or not)

Thank you again for your help!

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David McFarlane

Oct 28, 2021, 4:44:29 PM10/28/21
OK, now I have more questions ...

First to further clarify: For each trial of PracticeProc you show three
different stimulus images, right? And on each trial of PracticeProc you
use a different image file for Stimulus1, right? E.g., the first trial
might start use apple.bmp for Stimulus1, and the second trial use
orange.bmp, right? And each run of your task might use a different
image file for the first trial of PracticeProc, right? E.g., for one
run it might use apple.bmp for Stimulus1 on the first trial of
PracticeProc, and for another run it might use orange.bmp instead,
right? And if one run uses apple.bmp for Stimulus1 on the first trial,
and then uses orange.bmp for Stimulus1 on the second trial, apple.bmp
fails to show correctly but orange.bmp shows OK, right? And if another
run uses orange.bmp and then apple.bmp, orange.bmp fails to show
correctly but apple.bmp does show OK, right?

After that,

- What Duration setting do you use for Stimulus1?

- What happens if you extract PracticeProc into a new task program all
by itself? Do you still get the problem?

- What happens if you remove everything from PracticeProc except for
Stimulus1? Do you still get the problem then?

-- David McFarlane
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