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Gabriel Toniolo

Dec 29, 2019, 6:59:32 PM12/29/19
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Gabriel Toniolo 

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Subject: {NEVHGC Members Forum} Re: MYSTIC - Monitor Radio Channels 28 or 29 during Periods of Significant Fire Danger
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Please note we will broadcast safety warnings on Channel 28 CTCSS (Tone Squelch) 97.4 Hz and Channel 29 CTCSS (Tone Squelch) 97.4 Hz

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Hi All,

Today we had a fire break out in Wandiligong (now under control) which brought fire-fighting air traffic down Wandi Valley low over Mystic and the LZ. We were able to jump on the usual Mystic Radio channel 28 and advise pilots in the air to exit the area and close the launch. There were a couple of pilots not monitoring this channel or any other channel we tried, and whilst monitoring radio is not a requirement to fly Mystic we realised that during periods of high fire danger this is less than ideal.

Until further notice please ensure you are monitoring UHF Radio Channels 28 or 29 as we will broadcast any fire or safety warnings on these channels. 28 is a social channel and we ask that you refrain from using 29 for chat so that those wanting a quieter flight can monitor this channel and still receive safety warnings.

This is an unusual period of continued high fire danger so please do your part to enable us to keep flying when it is safe. Monitor the radio channels, choose a forum that suits you to get updates of closures (WhatsApp, Facebook, Email Forum) and keep an eye for fire fighting aircraft at all times.

Thanks for everyone’s co-operation today in abandoning a gorgeous evening’s flying to let emergency services do their job. They heard us asking people to land via radio and thanked us for our co-operation.


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