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Wei, Jingjin

Jul 23, 2019, 3:19:47 PM7/23/19
to DynaSim Users
Hi dynasim community,

There is a default data save option with dsSimulate, but with that you are saving everything and the data could get huge. Is there a way to write a function, and use it as an analysis function to save partial data? Or is there a way to save a part of the data by specifying the field name / variable name. I know that analysis function take data as an input, but is there a sim_id information? Need to give the data file a name. Thanks!


David Stanley

Jul 23, 2019, 8:22:53 PM7/23/19
to Wei, Jingjin, DynaSim Users
I think dsAnalyze should work - I did a test a while ago and documented it here (including some example code):

I'm not sure about the sim_id question, though.


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David Stanley
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Erik Roberts

Jul 25, 2019, 8:15:56 PM7/25/19
to Dave Stanley, Wei, Jingjin, DynaSim Users
1) for subsets of data (when save_data_flag=1):

look at the options in dsExportData used in dsSimulate

  'dataOnlyIncludeRE','',[],... % regular expression for which data fields to include when saving data
  ‘dataExcludeRE','',[],... % regular expression for which data fields to exclude when saving data

this permits saving a subset of data fields with regular expression wildcards

2) analysis function gets simID through simulator_options.sim_id. when result data is saved, it should include that sim id by default. you can choose to save analysis result data without the sim data with save_data_flag=0

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